Why is cricket betting so attractive? – Fun88

Why is cricket betting so attractive? – Fun88


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Why does cricket betting catch your attention?

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There’s no more exciting sport than cricket if you live in India. Cricket is one of the sports that attracts a lot of attention since countless matches are played every day all over the world, especially in India. But before getting into cricket betting, find out about some history of cricket.


Although there are many versions about its origin, most experts maintain that cricket was created during the Middle Ages in the southeast of present-day England. By the first half of the 18th century, it grew so much that it was the leading sport in London and all southeast England.


Since then, and for almost 30 years, the focus of attention of cricket lovers was the Hambledon Cricket Club, created in 1750 and considered in the environment as the "cradle of cricket". In 1787 the Marylebone Cricket Club was founded, which excelled in the organization of matches on its cricket field and in the elaboration of the amendment of the rules of the sport in 1788 with respect to the original ones of 1744.


In the 17th and 18th centuries, cricket was spread to British colonies in North America, the West Indies, Oceania and South Africa, where the colonists taught the locals how to play cricket. In 1909, the current International Cricket Council was created, the main international cricket institution that currently has 104 members in five continents.


Cricket worldwide


After soccer, cricket is the sport with the largest number of spectators worldwide. It is especially popular in countries that were British colonies, such as Australia, India, Pakistan, the British Isles and the West Indies. Of these, Australia has won the most victories, followed by India and West Indies (two titles each), while England, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have one world championship each.


Cricket rules


There are different types of matches. The shortest format is Twenty20Cricket or T20, which lasts about three hours like baseball matches. There are also longer formats such as the One Day International which usually last eight hours. Finally, the longest matches are Test Matches, which can last up to five days.


This is a bat-and-ball sport played by two teams of 11 players each. Both teams alternate the roles of offense (batting) and defense (fielding). The two teams alternate these roles all the time. When attacking, the teams try to score as many runs as possible. On the other hand, when defending, the opposing team's batsmen must be eliminated, and their scoring minimized.


Cricket betting tips to bet at Fun88


As with other sports, such as soccer, rugby or horse racing, cricket is a very popular sports betting market. The rules of the game, match formats and the large number of fans around the world have made it one of the big sports for bookmakers. Also as in other sports, knowing these factors, as well as the active players and tournaments, is the basic key before cricket betting at Fun88.


In order to bet you need to understand what type of event is being played. While there are well-known domestic cricket leagues such as the Indian Premier League (India), the Australia Big Bash League (Australia) or the NatWest T20 Blast League (England), international cricket matches - such as Test Matches or One Day Internationals - tend to generate the most passion among fans.


Cricket betting often produces big surprises (such as New Zealand's victory over India in the 2019 Cup), which should be considered when making bets and predictions as it can result in extremely attractive odds at Fun88.


Another important aspect is its location since the fields are very different from each other and knowing these conditions can be key to judging odds. It is also important to understand that a cricket match can suddenly change. Without warning, players can change the pace of the game and cause the score to change completely in a few seconds.


You must know that some cricket matches are defined in one day with 20, 40 or 50 overs, but others can last up to five days; it all depends on the format of the game, as previously mentioned. The longest matches are the international matches or Test Matches. On the other hand, Twenty20 games usually last around three hours.


As in all sports, the physical and mental state of the players is a determining factor in the outcome of a cricket match. This is especially true in events that last for long hours and days. Ultimately, the team with the most runs will win, which is the focus of many of the betting markets.


What to bet


The basic bet, and the one most recommended for new users, is on the winner of the match. In this case, cricket usually has attractive odds for bettors, since at the highest level almost anyone can beat the other team.


Occasionally, the alternative of a draw is also available. In these cases, if a favorite team is detected, the "Double Chance" is an interesting option. Those who are on the subject and know each of the players, can bet on the best hitter of the team, either in a match or in a particular series. Generally, this offers very good odds. You can also bet on which team will get the highest total in the first or second inning, or who will score the most runs in the game.


On the other hand, Fun88 live betting stands out for its excitement, dynamics and adrenaline. In this modality, guessing the number of runs a team will score is one of the most attractive modalities. This is influenced by the number of players eliminated from the team, the field of play, the over (set of six pitches) they are in, which team bats first and the quality of the last four or five batters.


Live betting at Fun88 allows you to place money on the next ball being one, four or six points. You can also bet on the players themselves: whether a player will strike out, get a pitch, or get caught, among other things.


Cricket betting guide – Fun88


Cricket remains one of the most popular sports in the world and the rise of T20 leagues has made it more relevant than ever, especially in the big three countries of England, India and Australia, and it is also the favorite one of Fun88 bettors.


England's T20 and ODI series against India attracted large crowds as the two sides have enjoyed separate success, with the Asians triumphing in the shorter format of the game, while the 'three lions' emerged victorious in the '50-over' events.


Those high-profile games, along with the Ashes, remain the biggest, while the Indian Premier League and the Big Bash have attracted new audiences. As a result, we'll now break down how to bet on the sport, highlighting the best markets in what will be the way of paying tribute to cricket betting.


How do you bet on cricket and what are the different kinds of markets?


Cricket betting is not very different from betting on other sports. The punter can place a bet on an outcome in the match alongside other markets specific to the game, using odds provided by the bookmaker, like Fun88.

Avoid being emotional when online cricket betting


Cricket betting at Fun88


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