The Basics of Sports Betting Strategy

The Basics of Sports Betting Strategy

It can be difficult to make money betting on sports, but many sports bettors consistently win. Professional sports bettors even exist, and many of them are successful. A winning sports betting strategy is fun88 app login necessary if you want to consistently succeed like the pros.

For novice bettors, there are a few basic sports betting strategies. Naturally, more seasoned gamblers may prefer to employ a more sophisticated sports betting strategy.

You can make money from sports betting by following a few basic strategies and suggestions. While following these sports betting strategies will help you win money betting on sports, none of them are secrets.

The bettors who don't use any of these strategies are called "squares" a lot. Sportsbooks will profit from wagers placed by individuals like these.


#1 Money Management/Bankroll Management

You should always set aside a certain amount of money to gamble with when betting on sports. We refer to this money as your "bankroll," which is money you can afford to lose. You should never bet on sports with money you can't afford to lose, as with any other form of gambling.

For each week, month, or season, set aside a certain amount to use as your bankroll. The general rule of bankroll management in sports betting is to only place wagers with one to five percent of your bankroll.

For instance, if you had a $1,000 bankroll for the NFL season, you would bet $10 to $50 on each game you wanted to bet on. It is additionally vital that you don't pursue your misfortunes with greater wagers.

In an effort to make up for their losses, some sports bettors frequently fun88 live increase the size of their wagers and lose money. This is the wrong way of thinking, and it frequently results in even more money lost. Take into account the size of your bankroll and try to gradually increase it throughout the season.


#2 Bet Sober and Don’t Go on Tilt

Albeit wagering while sober seems like good judgment, you wouldn't believe the number of individuals that bet on sports impaired. Is it just a coincidence that gambling at Las Vegas casinos includes complimentary alcoholic beverages? I don't believe so.

Although I don't want to sound like your mother here, betting while intoxicated will cloud your judgment. It ought to be kept away from to turn into a triumphant games bettor.

"Don't go on tilt" is the second piece of this advice.

Among poker players, the term "tilting" or going on tilt is frequently used. It alludes to players who let their feelings assume control over, which frequently prompts terrible choices.

You shouldn't be betting any more if you're upset about something, like a few bad beats. Before you start making additional wagers on sports, take a break, go for a walk, and clear your head.

#3 Do Your Homework

Probably the most significant sports betting strategy is this one. Before you place any bets, you should always conduct research. While going with your gut may work in some situations, it will not fun88 india login result in consistent victory over time.

You need to do your homework on each pick in order to make money from sports betting. Create sports betting systems, analyze previous games, look at stats, and look for trends. Basically, before placing your wager, do everything in your power to ensure that your selection has value.

Reading our free sports picks is helpful to many bettors. Others prefer to get betting advice from computer picks. Fortunately, The Sports Geek offers both.


#4 Line Shopping

Choosing the best lines is a crucial first step in becoming a successful sports bettor. This means that you'll need to sign up for accounts at multiple sportsbooks online. You check the various sportsbooks to determine which one has the best line for you before placing a bet. When betting, this lets you find the maximum value.

Let's say, for instance, that you want to wager on the New England Patriots at a spread of seven points. To see if any of the sportsbooks are offering the Patriots at 6.5 points, you should look at multiple sites. Find the lowest price you can get them at 7-Points at the very least.

Shopping the lines can earn you a lot of money over the course of a sports betting season. One of the most successful sports betting strategies is without a doubt line shopping. Visit our online betting sites section to view a list of sportsbooks where we recommend signing up.

#5 Avoid Buying Points

Avoid buying favorites down or underdogs up, or other "square" tendencies. For instance, some punters always feel the need to purchase a -2.5 to -3.5 NFL favorite. This is a bad strategy from a mathematical standpoint because the sportsbooks are smart enough to charge more juice for doing so.

Buying an NFL underdog from +2.5 to +3.5, for instance, is the same thing. I would advise against it in 99 percent of instances. Check out my video about buying points on NFL underdogs down below.



An essential component of a winning strategy is researching your sports betting predictions. You can't just pick who you think will win every game, no matter how good you think you are. Statistics and research are fun88 login india consistently used by even the most skilled sports bettors to shape their predictions and winning strategies.

We are going to start by throwing you a curveball right away. The best way to approach a bet is not to approach it at all, according to our advice. Instead, you should approach specific games, conduct research, make predictions about the game's flow and outcome, and then investigate which wagers you can place. As a result, you'll have access to more opportunities and, one hopes, won't miss value bets.

Here is a step-by-step approach to researching your next sports bet:

1. Read Up on the Big Picture

We prefer to begin from the top down. We start with the big numbers and the big picture, then slowly get down to the little things. Let's use the case of betting on an upcoming NFL game as an illustration. We would first examine the game's implications and each team's position in the league. Does this match have any particular significance for either team? Do you need to know about any big-picture factors that affect the teams or players? What do the playoffs mean? Is home field advantage at stake? Is the back office putting pressure on the coach to perform?

2. Find the Statistics

You need to begin looking at the statistics of your team as soon as you have all of this information. This could include their record, statistics on offense and defense, special teams, recent point totals, and coaching trends; basically anything you think is important to investigate. It is entirely up to you to investigate what interests you.

It's time to start looking at individual players and matchups after you've looked at the team stats. How well has each player performed recently? Who do you believe will win the most important matches? How will that impact the outcome of the game?


3. Build Your Predictions

You can begin constructing your game prediction once you have gathered stats and data. We suggest looking at each part of the game separately and breaking it down into smaller pieces. You could, for instance, divide an NFL game into quarters when looking at it. Determine how many points each side will score and what you think will happen in each quarter. The more information you can provide, the better.

You will be able to put it all together for your prediction of the entire game once you have completed this for each of the four quarters (or any other segment you choose). After that, you can use this prediction to experiment with different bets.

Live betting on sports is one of the hottest new ways to bet on sports. The development of online sportsbooks led to the development of this form of wagering, which is also referred to as "in-play betting," "in-game betting," and "holy moly you're crazy betting" among other names.

When you are able to wager on a game after it has begun, this is called "live" or "in-game betting." You can place wagers at any time during the game on some sports betting sites, while others will even let you do so after every play! As you can imagine, this opens up a lot of chances to win a lot of money. If you don't know how to win, it also gives you a lot of chances to lose a lot of money.

Thankfully, our team of betting experts has compiled a huge list of the most important in-game betting strategies. First, the basics:

  • Keep an eye on your bankroll.
  • Never chase losses.
  • Don’t bet against an existing live bet (unless you’re purposefully hedging).
  • Don’t bet on live games you aren’t watching.

Finally, there is no such thing as a ‘lock’ in sports betting. Upsets happen all the time. Be wary of anyone who says otherwise.